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Coconut Lavender Almonds

A unique combination where the toasted coconut and almond come to you at the beginning, and are left with a light floral note from the lavender and a hint of... Learn More

$ 5.00

third coast

This mix features our ever so popular signature Coconut Orange Peel almonds with a perfect blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. The Third Coast mix is absolutely delicious on... Learn More

$ 8.00

Espresso Peanuts {Mini - 6PK}

Pack of 6 Get your quick fix of caffeine with this bold flavor. Coated with freshly pulled Ferris Coffee espresso {30 shots in each small batch!}, this blend is great in the... Learn More

$ 12.00

Almond Sampler Gift Box

Almond Sampler Gift Box

The perfect gift for the almond lover in your life!   -3.85oz each-   Our Almond Sampler Gift Box Includes: Coconut Lavender Almonds Coconut Orange Peel Almonds  Dark Cocoa Chili... Learn More

$ 18.00

-$ 20.00