We are so excited to kick off our new Spotted Series! This series will feature some of the amazing places that carry Lush Gourmet products. First up, Art of the Table in Grand Rapids, MI! 


Art of the Table is a specialty gourmet shop that offers a beautiful selection of products for entertaining. They opened their doors in the Grand Rapids Wealthy Street business district in 2003 and have been providing unique food, drink, and table accessories to customers since then. 


We had a chance to chat with Amy, the owner of Art of the Table, and ask her a few questions about her store: 


So Amy, besides Lush Gourmet,  what are some of your favorite products that you’re carrying right now?


One of my favorite products, and definitely a crowd favorite, is anything from Patricia's Chocolate. She has a storefront in Grand Haven, MI, but we were the first store to start carrying her stuff! Her chocolates are delicious and they make great gifts. We also sell a lot of Zingerman's pimento cheese. They are out of Ann Arbor and have recently started selling their products in other stores. We are lucky enough to carry their products and their pimento cheese sells out extremely quickly! We also have some Whiskey barrel aged maple syrup from Ironfish, a Michigan distillery. They do something really amazing with their syrup. They barrel-age whiskey, then use those barrels to age maple syrup, and once the maple syrup has been taken out of the barrels, they use the maple syrup barrels to age whiskey again! What a fun process!


What do you normally pair Lush nuts with?

I love having Lush Gourmet nuts with a good craft cocktail because it's great to have something a little sweet and salty to snack on while you’re drinking. I really like to pair them with a good Manhattan.


What is your go-to Lush product?

My personal favorite is the Salt & Pepper Peanuts. They are so versatile and whenever I have guests over, they all love them!


Check out more of their products here! If you spot any Lush products, snap a photo for Instagram and use the hashtag #LushSpottedSeries