With good weather comes traveling. You’ve planned for months, your outfits are picked out, suitcases are almost full- but wait, what about snacks? According to Expedia’s latest poll, travelers age 18-34 ranked food and drink as a high priority. We understand, it can be difficult to focus on food when you’re so excited for your destination but loading up on food can be the best way to avoid challenges. With a little foresight, you can be prepared to avoid overpriced airport food, unhealthy gas station options, and stay track on your diet.



Vacations don’t have to mean fast food chains and candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (although we aren’t hating on eating a couple Skittles any time of the day). Listen, there is a time and place for those Skittles. Vacation can mean a “free for all” mentality but spoiler alert, your vacation diet is going to make you feel like crap. While your body is already on low energy or simply exhausted from sitting in the car or lounging during layovers, grabbing the sugar indulgence isn’t the best choice.


You Plan Your Outfits, It’s Time to Plan Your Snacks

Plan ahead, pack some snacks, and save your money for the adventures on your trip instead of adventures to gas station bathrooms from unhealthy habits. We even found this super cool (pun intended) car cooler that keeps your snacks cold on the road, so don’t feel limited to room temperature snacks! Here are some of our favorite snacks to enjoy on the road or in the sky (or really anywhere will do.)


Nut Butter

We prefer the grinding it yourself option. Many grocery stores and cafes have this option (including us)! Mass produced PBs may be adding sugar, so be sure to check the ingredients list. Slather this butter up on a celery stick or some whole wheat bread and you have a well-rounded snack on your hands! You can easily make this at home, too! Check out this easy to follow recipe here. Want to get real wild? Using our Lush Gourmet nuts for added flavor and upscale nut butter- like our Cinnamon Spice Peanuts

Firm Fruit / Dried Fruit

Plan to bring your own so you’re not at the will of that questionable gas station banana. Bringing along fruits like apples, oranges, even bananas are a great dose of deliciousness. They are a great way to indulge that sweet tooth but in a healthy way. Fruits are like nature's candy- pass on the Skittle and treat yourself! 



Nuts / Mixes

Peanuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds- we could go on and on! Whether you are eating each nut on their own or combining them into a mix (like Trail Mix!) it is a great alternative to some potato chips. Plus, you will look so cool when you have your own big bag of peanuts when the stewardess offers a tiny ounce package of peanuts. An easy way to be prepared is to get our 12 pack box so you can snack and share with your friends! 


Satisfy hunger pains with jerky. It’s packed with protein but avoid the preservatives and get some natural, grass-fed, organic grocery! Keep an eye on the salt content of some jerky products. Choosing turkey jerky is a great alternative! 

Protein Powder

An easy and quick fix to getting protein on the go. There’s a lot of options out there- find one that doesn’t take like chalk and get yourself a portable shaker- now you totally look like a gym rat with a passion for protein!


We are partial to some sunflower seeds while traveling. It not only gives you something to do but they are also packed with healthy fats and magnesium! 



DIY Snacks

If you really are planning ahead, you can make your own protein balls or granola. Just gather up your ingredients and be ready to look like a gourmet chef while your friends gaze upon your lovely creations! Here is a recipe for a lavender granola bar or some great flavorful energy bites



Carbonated Water

Whether you’re all about La Croix, Bubly, or any other store-brand sparkling water it definitely tops the sugar-soaked soda options. The carbonation paired with a great fruit flavor will have you saying, “Soda who? Pass me a La Croix, Hipster Joe.”


There are so many choices of drink out there- from road to energy drinks, that it is getting harder to choose. But listen, while the temptation of that sweet energy drink calls out to you, just remember on average it is packed with 13.5 teaspoons of sugar. The rush you’re getting is filled with sugar not just caffeine.


We won’t ever rain on your parade, we just want to set you up for success so that the next time you’re on vacation you are both prepared and getting the most out of your trip!