We're excited to announce that all Lush Gourmet snacks are updated with a fresh and clean look! The new packaging contains updated nutrition labels, a breakdown of ingredients, and fun pairing options. To complement their new outfits, we took this opportunity to make some delicious recipe improvements as well!


The formerly named “Coffee” peanuts are now called “Espresso” peanuts because they're made with freshly brewed espresso. The espresso enhances the sweet Spanish peanuts to create a delightful flavor combination.


Our Dark Cocoa Chili almonds are now made with an all-natural Dutch processed delicious cocoa powder.


As we all continue to be more health-conscious, the Lush team experimented with reducing sugar in our peanut and almond recipes. The same traditional family recipes were tweaked with different ratios until our team landed on one that we couldn't get enough of! This improvement reduced sugar by ⅓. All Lush Gourmet peanuts and almonds now have the same great flavor and crunch, just with less sugar (so we can eat the whole bag guilt-free!)