Did you know that the new mix packaging provides a little extra room for a few more bites of Third Coast mix? This means more Coconut Orange Peel almonds with the perfect blend of nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruit.


We wanted to feature this delicious mix in particular to celebrate National Pumpkin Seed Day. We love the pumpkin seeds in this mix due to their beautiful bright green color, naturally high protein content and delightfully light texture! Pumpkin seeds have a subtly earthy, vegetal flavor that complements the sweet and zesty Coconut Orange Peel almonds perfectly in this unique trail mix.


Third Coast Ingredients:

No syrups or anything artificial

No preservatives – small batch

The Third Coast mix is absolutely delicious on its own, but try adding some to your morning oatmeal, overnight oats or paired with a glass of white wine. If you’re really feeling like embarking on a culinary venture, try out this trail mix brownie recipe, created by our friend Sarah at Broma Bakery - specifically for the Third Coast Mix.