The season of hosting is here and we know how hectic it can be. Last minute scrambling, keeping guests entertained - it can be crazy! So we thought we'd share a few of our tried and true holiday hosting tips: 


Tip 1: Serve a pre-meal snack, but nothing too heavy! Oftentimes when guests know there’s a big meal ahead they come on an empty stomach, so satisfy those grumbles with a light treat to hold them over. Spiced nuts and trail mixes are a great way to accommodate that desire to munch without ruining appetites for the main course. We like Lush Gourmet Original peanuts, Cinnamon Spice peanuts or the Two Six Nine Mix to serve before the meal. A great treat on their own, but also delicious paired with an aperitif; we recommend a dry white wine or classic gin martini. Many people tend to stray away from communal snacks – aka germ foods. An attractive and hygienic way to serve nuts and trail mix is by filling individual cylinder chutes or champagne flutes for guests to serve themselves. Guests can pour the desired amount into their hands without transferring any unwanted germs. Voilà!


Tip 2: Save yourself some stress by planning ahead! Ironing your tablecloth and setting the table the day before puts your mind at ease and takes away stress the day of! Prepare all your side dishes and desserts early as well; it’ll make all the difference and gives you additional time to focus your time on guests! It also lends to a better atmosphere; nobody wants to see the host running around stressed!


Tip 3: When it’s time for your guests to leave, don’t let them go empty handed! Prepare a little to-go station with clear food containers for guests to serve themselves leftovers for next day munching. Provide ribbon for an extra touch and to avoid the containers from spilling open. Bonus tip: head over to your favorite bakery (we like Nantucket or Field & Fire) to pick up a few fresh loafs of bread. Include them alongside the leftovers as a party favor. All your guests will have delicious bread ready to go for sandwiches the next day! Tie each loaf with butcher paper and twine for a special touch.


*If you're not entertaining, but attending as a guest never arrive empty handed! After all, the host(s) have taken many hours out of their day to prepare a meal and open their home to you. It could be a delicious dessert, a fine bottle of wine or even a Lush Gourmet Gift Box!

Happy Holidays!