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Holiday Cocktail // Eggnog

Holiday Cocktail // Eggnog

Posted on in News by Lina Lash

No holiday party is complete without festive cocktails. There, we said it. So this year we thought we'd mix things up a little and try some serving eggnog cocktails. They're easy to whip up and are definitely a crowd pleaser. We like using the vegan nog from Califia Farms because not only is it dairy free and soy free, but its straight-up delicious! The drink itself is dangerously tasty, but the Cinnamon Spice peanut rim really takes this drink to the next level.


Things you'll need:

- 8.8oz eggnog (we used vegan eggnog from Califia Farms)

- 4.2oz dark rum (we like using Myers rum because it has a smoothness to it that works well in a creamy cocktail)

- 1.8oz ice

- 1 tbs maple syrup

- 1 package Lush Gourmet Cinnamon Spice peanuts


*This recipe makes 4 cocktails*



- Start by combining all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker.

- Remove the spring from your cocktail strainer and place it inside of the shaker. Secure a pint glass on top of the shaker and shake it up! The spring helps to keep the drink nice and frothy.

- Take some of the cinnamon spice peanuts and put them into a Ziploc bag. From there, simply crush the peanuts with a rolling pin or whatever heavy object you have laying around. Then pour the crushed peanuts onto a plate.

- Take your cocktail glass and roll the top rim lightly in maple syrup. We like the appearance of coating just half of the rim in the syrup, but you can get creative here!

- Once the rim is lightly covered in maple syrup, take the glass and gently coat the rim with the crushed peanuts. The syrup is sticky enough that the nuts should easily cling to it. 

- Once you've rimmed all four of your glasses with peanuts, add a few ice cubes to each glass and portion out the eggnog cocktail. 


Drink and enjoy!