One of our all-time favorites, the Coffee peanuts, has gone through an exciting transformation! After Lush Gourmet joined the Ferris Coffee & Nut team, Bisera and the team had an opportunity to experiment with the recipe by replacing coffee with freshly brewed espresso. The result? An irresistible treat! The aroma and flavor of fresh espresso is more prominent, yet not overwhelming, and the flavor itself is well-rounded with a more elevated coffee experience. Every small batch of the newly-named Espresso peanuts is now crafted with fresh espresso shots prepared with care by our highly trained Ferris Coffee team.

The Ferris 1924 blend is our espresso of choice. We like that it’s a lighter roast espresso, which combines spice notes from the Indonesian coffee, bright berry notes from the East African coffee, and some sweeter notes from the Central American coffee. We found that the nuances in this espresso truly complement the natural sweetness of the Spanish peanuts. In fact, we also found that the newly reduced sugar content in all of our peanuts and almonds brightens the flavor profile of each ingredient. Try out the new recipe here; its delightful flavor is sure to put a little pep in your step!