Keeping You Posted: a Quick Q&A with Bisera

A year ago, Lush Gourmet took an exciting step into a new city and joined the Ferris Coffee & Nut team in Grand Rapids, MI. Bisera joined the team with a brand new role: Creative Director of Product Development. It’s been 10 months since the move to GR and about time to catch you up on some of the things Bisera and the team have been up to in the past year.


Question: What led you to Grand Rapids?

Bisera: Opportunities to move have been presented in the past, but it just never felt right. Either I was working on establishing my business, working on the products themselves, or my gut told me that it wasn’t the right time. With Ferris, the timing, people and opportunity worked out so well. It just felt like the natural next step for me and Lush Gourmet.


Q: How did it feel to join the Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. team?

B: For a long time I was working incredibly long hours by myself. I wanted to start enjoying a full life and have a little time off now and then. The Ferris family just felt like a perfect fit. I found it very interesting that the team was so young and had a forward-thinking mentality. Overall, I felt there was a great chemistry amongst us! What really solidified my decision to move forward with the relationship was the like-mindedness about product quality. I felt confident in the Ferris team's enthusiasm about their products, and how everything is made to order to maintain freshness and customer satisfaction. This is something in which I have always taken high pride.


Q: What new opportunities have been presented to you since the move?

B: The greatest opportunity was to build new relationships here in Grand Rapids. For example, last month I collaborated with Founders Brewing Co. to organize a nut & beer palate exploration course. It went so well that we're going to have another one in August and this time as a collaboration with one of our longtime customers - The Cheese Lady! I've also had the opportunity to expand relationships with new ingredient suppliers which opened a window to a spectrum of delicious and natural ingredients.


Q: How does it feel to be working with a team?

B: It has been amazing. Not only do I have a support team for production, but I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively on several other projects too. For instance I have worked with the Ferris design team to update all Lush Gourmet packaging (coming soon!). In addition, I've had some great feedback when it comes to new recipes or new mixes. There's always a willingness from the Ferris team to participate in product tasting breakout sessions.


Q: What other experiences have the last 10 months brought for Lush?  

B: A really great experience in the past year was exhibiting Lush Gourmet at the Good Food Mercantile in Washington D.C. and Brooklyn. It was great to connect with current customers as well as develop new relationships on the East Coast; a place that I haven’t exhibited in the past. In Brooklyn we teamed up with Zingerman’s Creamery from Ann Arbor to pair the Coconut Lavender almonds with their featured goat cheese --The City Goat (a scrumptious combination)! It was wonderful to work with another Michigan company to create a food experience!



*Coconut Lavender almonds and Zingerman's Goat Cheese pairing at the Good Food Mercantile. 



Q: What do you see for Lush Gourmet in the coming year?

B: There are a lot of developments on the Lush Gourmet horizon. In addition to new and improved packaging, keep your eyes peeled for exciting news about updated nutritionals, recipe enhancements and the release of a brand new product in autumn!